Shadow Rocket Invitations

28 07 2008

So much to tell you. For now, I’m going to start with these relief print rocket ship invitations I’ve been wanting to post about for a couple weeks. The invites are for Seth’s 4th birthday party and were inspired by his own creativity. It all started with this shadow:

Seth was making shadows on the kitchen counter with an office binder clip. You should have seen his face when this rocket ship appeared. We just had to take a picture for posterity. A few weeks later I was searching for inspiration for making the invitations when hubby suggested I look at Seth’s shadow rocket. Perfect! I modified the size of the shadow, printed and cut it out. Tracing both this image and a bottle cap to serve as the basis for Saturn onto soft-kut I was able to get away with out much free hand work. The beauty is that I very minimal drawing capabilities, so this fit the bill nicely. I carved the image out to make a white line relief print, adding the stars at whim and washed it up. Nothing like Rouxhauser’s fabulous chickadee print but I thought it was going to look nice.

Of course, I had to mix up a good green color. I rolled on the ink for a nice smooth coat. Next came the ultimate test. I smoothed down the paper with the barren and crossed my fingers.

Peeling back the first sheet of paper with nerve racking.

In the end all went well. Green for the invites, yellow for the thank you notes. I preferred the print on the yellow card stock as it had a little more tooth to it. The green paper was a little slicker. The biggest problem? Finding time and space for the cards to dry without little hands getting to them.


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