Birthday Love

7 10 2009

Look what my mommy made me for my birthday! Knitted and fulled mittens with needle felted flowers embellished with a little embroidery and beading. Not only that, but she even used roving from last years wool dyeing pARTy. They’re very toasty with enough wiggle room to wear some glove liners inside. I even wore them this morning. Granted it was only in the car, but that steering wheel can get mighty cold.

And I now have to admit I think I have a problem. Japanese craft book addiction. It’s sad but true. I’ve been admiring them from afar. I adore the book club posts at icewerks and have been ogling others online. I had been really good at resisting until Jen got me this crochet book for my birthday.

Uh, oh. I’m not sure I can hold out much longer. I mean look at these cute slippers.

What’s worse, is that I only crochet a couple times a year and would by no means claim to be good at it. And if I’m that enamored of a japanese crochet book, how can I resist others? Logically I know it’s the beautiful photography and the clean layout, but logic won’t stop me from hitting the purchase button.

Crocheted Market Bag

13 10 2008

Well, I can’t pull anything over on all of you. Yes, indeed, as several of you guessed it’s a market bag. I’m both pleased and disappointed in it. On the one hand I did it! On the other it’s smaller than I thought it would be. I hate it when that happens. But similar to knitting I crochet tightly. Of course, re-reading the pattern it states I can keep working the middle until it’s the desired size. Oops! That’s ok, this held 10 large onions with room for more.

I’ve only crocheted once in my life about 18 years ago. It was an afghan that I’ll admit I never finished the edging on. It was someone else’s left over project that my dad had picked up at a garage sale for me. It did a great job of occupying me during an incredibly boring two week long job as the day time dorm counselor for a cheerleader camp. Those of you that know me can laugh now. I’m not exactly the cheerleader type. (no offense) But really, I was only there if one of them got sick or injured and had to sit out of the classes. So I crocheted and crocheted and crocheted. As I didn’t pick the pattern, the yarn OR the colors I ran out of motivation before finishing the project. It’s always recommended that you like the pattern, material and color for any project. Still, it was good practice.

For this bag I loosely followed the pattern in Erika Knight’s Simiple Crochet. Changing the material because I wanted to and changing the beginning of the pattern because I only half knew what I was doing. I got a few pointers from my mom right before she left town and kind of had to make it up as I went along until a light bulb went off and I finally understood what the pattern was telling me.

My favorite guess was Ayama-chan’s toilet roll dolly – shoot me now! But even more interesting is that Sew Fab Martha guessed not only what I was making but what I’m planning to crochet next with this material – a bag for Seth’s swimming lessons. Only this time, I’m going to make up my own pattern because I don’t see one out there I like. I’m thinking pull string backpack style with some fancy wave stitch or something. Wish me luck!

Quiz Time

9 10 2008

Can you guess what I’m making?

Here are some hints:

  • It’s crochet, which I haven’t done in about 18 years.
  • It’s being worked in the round.
  • I accidentally didn’t follow the beginning of the pattern but it seems to be working out just fine.
  • The “yarn” is orange nylon mason line from the hardware store.
  • It is NOT a doily.


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