Birthday Love

7 10 2009

Look what my mommy made me for my birthday! Knitted and fulled mittens with needle felted flowers embellished with a little embroidery and beading. Not only that, but she even used roving from last years wool dyeing pARTy. They’re very toasty with enough wiggle room to wear some glove liners inside. I even wore them this morning. Granted it was only in the car, but that steering wheel can get mighty cold.

And I now have to admit I think I have a problem. Japanese craft book addiction. It’s sad but true. I’ve been admiring them from afar. I adore the book club posts at icewerks and have been ogling others online. I had been really good at resisting until Jen got me this crochet book for my birthday.

Uh, oh. I’m not sure I can hold out much longer. I mean look at these cute slippers.

What’s worse, is that I only crochet a couple times a year and would by no means claim to be good at it. And if I’m that enamored of a japanese crochet book, how can I resist others? Logically I know it’s the beautiful photography and the clean layout, but logic won’t stop me from hitting the purchase button.

Needle Felting

13 08 2008

Warning – needle felting is incredibly addictive. I made these cards by needle felting wool roving onto rectangles of craft felt and then gluing to cover weight paper to make a set for Carolyne of Hmmmm Now Let’s See. Needle felting is just a process of stabbing a background a zillion times with a special needle that has a bit of wool roving on it. I really felt like I was just getting going by the time I was done. I can see with a little practice these could be quite nice. Using real wool felt for the backing would be fab as well.

Just in case you feel like poking something, here are my tips:

  • Don’t buy all the fancy gear. A $4 pack of needles and a thick synthetic sponge will do just fine.
  • Poke up and down, not at an angle.
  • Make sure to brush glue on, don’t put on in globs as it will soak through the fabric. I knew this before hand but I didn’t it anyway. Just call me lazy!
  • Practice makes perfect. After a while I felt like I was drawing with wool.

Must. Make. More. Soon.


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