1st Hat – Again

4 03 2009

I did it. After my first annoying attempt, I completed my first hand knit hat. I even messed with the pattern. Yeah!

Yarn – Rowan Big Wool, 100% Merino Wool

Pattern – Chunky Knit Beanie by Leslie over at a friend to knit with (Thanks Leslie!!)

What I did:

  • Knit on dpn instead of straight needles
  • Due to knitting in the round I dropped 4 stitches off the cast on (thanks to the advice of Martha)
  • The first version didn’t cover my ears as much as I wanted it to, so I lengthen the portion where you decrease stitches. Instead of knitting 2 together for the last two rows, I started to knit 2 together, knit 2 stitches and repeated until I got down to less than 10 stitches. Now it covers my ears and there aren’t any gaps from reducing so quickly!

This is a really quick and easy hat. Perfect for a 1st hat. Supposedly you can knit it in a night, which for a mom of little ones actually¬† means 3 nights. At least for me anyways. What’s even more fun? Doing it with a group. Each person with their own choice of yarn and ideas on how to alter the pattern. Here’s Martha’s and Jen’s. Still waiting to see pics of Sarah’s and Dana’s.

Jumping Back In

11 01 2009

I finished this sweater this weekend. It’s made from a pattern in Rowan Junior out of Cashsoft 4-ply. It was supposed to be for Christmas but at least I’m no too far behind. It still fits her and she has room to grow. This is my 3rd time making this sweater as I made two newborn sizes as well. They knit up so quickly that I fell in love with the pattern. Ummm… maybe it was because they were so tiny that they knit up so quickly as it didn’t fly off my needles this time. The whole sweater like many of the projects in this fabulous book are done on size 2 and size 3 needles. For those of you that don’t knit it basically means I was knitting on sticks closer in width to a toothpick than a chopstick. Adds a little challenge, I say.

What I didn’t do the first two times around was the little flower.¬† Oh, how I love that little flower. Adds a bit of romance.


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