29 01 2008

1st scarf

I tried to learn to knit from my mom several times. It took a while before it stuck. Finally I had to get serious or give up. Thanks for sticking with me ma!

I was being cheap and had been practicing on some nasty purple acrylic stuff. It wasn’t working for me. I went to my local yarn store (LYS) and blew a chunk of cash. Oh what a difference it made! I liked this stuff, it liked me. I actually wanted to make something out of it. The result is poorly pictured above. A nice squishy, knit every row, scarf. I’ve now made over 6 different scarves and it’s still my favorite.

Learning to knit isn’t anywhere near as complicated as it may seem. It simply takes practice on a regular basis. By regular I mean at least a couple times a week, EVERY week. It’s not something you can learn to do in one hour every couple weeks. Not only would a project take forever, but you would have to re-learn what you were doing each time. This was part of my original problem. Knitting can be very relaxing, even meditative. So pick up some sticks and start clicking!

I won’t pretend to teach you to knit with a tutorial here. Too many people have already done a much better job. Depending on your learning style, try one of the following:




One response

29 01 2008
jen s

i miss knitting! i’m not enjoying the blanket i started. i miss the days of knitting a simple scarf or poncho. i need to tackle the blanket a few more times, or find a new project…

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