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30 01 2008

Minneapolis Public Library - Central
Minneapolis Public Library – central location

I think libraries are the most wonderful invention ever! They open up doors of information and imagination regardless of income or other restrictions. I’m currently on the hunt for several used books for varying altered book projects. After a recent outing with friends to a portion of the altered book exhibit at the Library I thought of The Friends of the Minneapolis Library bookstore. It’s small, but includes some gems and benefits the Library. What could be better? I was lucky enough to find a 1941 edition of The Indoor Gardener by Daisy Abbott. It has a few cute drawings, plenty of quaint phrases and even a copy of a couple handwritten journal pages. An entry regarding how maidenhair ferns hate long parties filled with tobacco smoke particularly caught my eye. For a measly buck this book has made it to my short list for a group altered book project in the near future.


Now if I can only find a few used Little Golden Books. Particularly Little Red Riding Hood and the one about the girl with the curl. Does anyone know the name? I only remember a line similar to “When she was good she was very, very good but when she was bad she was horrid!”.





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30 01 2008
jen s

thx for the tip – i had no idea the bookstore existed. sounds like you picked up a great find for an altered book! have you tried searching online for the golden books?

30 01 2008

I did try searching online. I got overwhelmed and many of the used ones did not offer a picture so I couldn’t verify it was what I wanted. I may try again.

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