Rid the world of junk mail & telemarketers!

1 02 2008

Old Mailbox photo from WineVine
Old Mailbox photo by WineVines

Anna’s tips for reducing junk mail and telemarketer phone calls:

  1. Sign up for the National Do Not Call Registry.
  2. When you receive annual Privacy Notices don’t just toss them. Look at them and find the “opt out” information. Technically, unless you officially “opt out” anyone you have an account with can continue to make sales calls to you or mail you marketing materials. Not only that, but if they disclose it in their Privacy Notice, they can make your address or phone number available to their “associates”. From that point it spreads like wild fire! Simply follow the directions listed on the Privacy Notice to put out that fire.
  3. For those remaining calls – don’t get mad at the caller! I doubt any of them actually enjoy their job, they are only trying to make some money. It’s the company you want to stop. Simply interrupt the caller and ask them to put you on their Do Not Call List. This is different than the National Do Not Call list; it is the company’s internal list. Not answering or worse, being annoying or rude when answering, will NOT stop the calls. It just puts bad karma out there.
  4. Stop those infuriating cash advance checks from credit card companies! Just because you have a credit card with XYZ Company doesn’t mean you can’t stop them from sending you these weekly irritations. Not only are they bothersome but also unsafe. If they fell into the wrong hands you could have a nightmare to deal with. Every time you receive one of these mailings call your credit card company and request that you be removed from their mailing list for cash advance checks and other marketing materials. It may not stop those being sent with your statement but it will stop the rest.
  5. To end pre-approved credit card offers go to the combined credit bureau agencies Opt Out Prescreening website. You will need to fill out the form online, print and mail in to ensure your request lasts for more than five years.
  6. Finally, register for the Direct Marketing Association’s Preference Services to reduce junk mail and even spam from the associations members and prospects.

Keep in mind that some of these options will take a month or two to start working and will need to be redone every few years. Yes, this takes a little work, but in the end you’ve made life more peaceful and saved some trees in the process.




8 responses

1 02 2008
painted fish studio

yay! great tips!

1 02 2008
painted fish studio

oh, hey, there’s my avatar! yay!

1 02 2008

these are great, but i’m still not willing to put my SS# on a website or email. ugh.

1 02 2008

Do not put your SS# in an email! Email is very unsecure. None of these sites should be asking for an email with confidential information. One of these does ask for your SS#, the Opt-out prescreening site. This is because it is from the credit bureau companies and your SS# is the only means they have to identify you. I did fill out their registration and feel confident in their security.

1 02 2008

hey anna -welcome!
and thanks for these tips! I’ve been meaning to figure this out, and now you’ve done the work for me:)

4 02 2008

Hi Anna! Great tips. I also registered at greendimes.com, and let them do my dirty work for me. It does cost $36, but as a result they went out and told slews of junk mail culprits to stop bothering me. And then I believe they use the $36 to do good, like plant trees etc, but I honestly can’t remember as I joined over a year ago. However, I have noticed significantly less paper mail since then. They’ll even send you pre-addressed and stamped postcards that you simply have to sign to send to those organizations that won’t let greendimes act on your behalf (like Readers Digest – who knew).

Great Blog Anna!!

5 02 2008

Be prepared to spend a lot more money for postage, if standard mail ( junk mail) goes away. I understand the security issues with credit card requests, but regular advertising helps subsidize the cost of your postage.

Also, paper companies are planting twice as many trees as they are cutting down which is actually helping the environment.

When I lose my job because of emails and the end of standard mail, can I come live with you. Don’t ask Steve! LOL

5 02 2008

Diana – I’d much rather have you and yours come to live with us then deal with junk mail. Then I’d have built in babysitters!

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