4 02 2008
ghost orchid
Ghost orchid photo by NC Orchid

Orchids have always fascinated me. They’re exotic, beautiful, complex and the flowers last longer than most other house plants. I’ve grown up with a lot of exposure to gardening and house plants. My parents even owned a plant store called The Potted Jungle. Great name, eh? However, orchids were never part of this, at least that I can remember. I’ve always pictured orchids as delicate and assumed they took a lot of work. I have no idea to what degree, if any, this is true.

Phrag. Jason Fischer orchid
Orchid named for Jason Fischer

So in a recent email I received, I was excited to hear that Jason Makoto Fischer from Orchids Limited will be doing a free presentation to the Longfellow Garden Club on February 13th at 7pm. Apparently Jason has been working with orchids since he was 5! Lucky man. He will also have orchids for sale. (I assume this is how they got him to do the free presentation.) I have no idea how much they will cost but do know that you should bring something to protect the plant from the cold if you think you might purchase one. The Longfellow Garden Club welcomes any interested parties regardless of where they live. The group will be meeting at the Epworth Church on the corner of 32nd and 37th Ave S in Minneapolis. I plan on attending this talk. Anyone interested in joining me?




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5 02 2008
painted fish studio

sounds lovely. unfortunately i have a cat that eats anything green, and she’s very agile and there are no surfaces that she cannot reach. therefore, it’s impossible for me to have any type of flowering plant in the house – she’ll chew it up and then barf everywhere! and if i went to the talk, i’d really want to get an orchid. it’s better that i just stay home!

5 02 2008

Ewwwweee! Please stay home.

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