Into the Wild

5 02 2008

Into the Wild movie

Kathryn & I went to the Riverview theater on Saturday evening to see Into the Wild. First I must mention that the theater was packed! And I mean packed! Although this has happened to me several times before at this theater it always surprises me; in a good way. The Riverview plays movies that have already been out for some time and therefore only costs a few bucks to get in. They have excellent popcorn, excellent service and now excellent new cushy seats. I was taken aback when I was served popcorn by a neighbor’s son. As evidenced by his height and demeanor he is no longer the 10 year old swinging a shovel at his brother on top of the dirt pile I used to have in the side yard. How time flies!

Steve is in the middle of reading Into the Wild, so he stayed home with the kids. I highly recommend the movie. It was poignant, beautifully shot and well acted. I was impressed. I’m by no means a movie critic but I do love movies. I had heard good things about Into the Wild, but had imagined an extremist story. Although going off into the Alaskan wilderness on your own is extreme, I was still able to connect with the movie on several levels. Go see it or wait for the DVD release in March, but just don’t miss it.

After the movie we headed over to the Riverview Cafe. I enjoyed a cinnamon steamer and Kathryn had a chai. We settled into a couch in the back for some good conversation. It’s nice to catch up with friends. Although I missed saying goodnight to the kids, it was really good to have a night out without them as well. Thanks Steve!




2 responses

6 02 2008
painted fish studio

thanks for the recommendation! even tho both you and my sis are big fans of the riverview theater, i may just stick it onto my netflix queue. one of these days i’ll get over there and see something on the big screen…

6 02 2008

love. love. love. the riverview theatre, and the coffee shop, and the wine bar. don’t forget the wine bar :)

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