Chinese New Years

6 02 2008

Ni hao!
Ni hao! (Hello)

Thursday is the Chinese New Year. Although I’m not Chinese I like to celebrate other cultures, exposing myself and my children to them when I can. I plan to start off the day giving each of my children a dollar in a red envelope; a traditional token from parents & grandparents. Seth is planning on wearing this cute outfit my friend, Nga brought him back from Vietnam.


I then plan to do a little origami from the origami-a-day calendar my sis, Shannon gave me for Christmas. I adore this calendar. It’s an excellent way to start my day. I keep it on my desk at work and each day there is a new little creation sitting next to it. I’m hoping to conclude the day by taking the family out for dinner at a Chinese restaurant.

Take a moment today to do a little origami in celebration of Chinese New Years. Although true origami paper is fun to work with, any paper will do. Even a sheet cut out of an old magazine works. The more detailed the design, the thinner the paper you’ll want. Try one of these simple designs with any paper you’ve got lying around:

Gong Xi Fa Chai!



2 responses

7 02 2008
painted fish studio

i’ll do some origami this afternoon! not much to do here at the office…

16 02 2008

Seth looks adorable in his outfit!!! We also celebrated Chinese New year…..In Korea they celebrate it was well calling it Lunar new year. We went out to a Korean restaurant and had some wonderful food!!

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