The good & the bad

10 02 2008

Chinese lanterns
Our Chinese lanterns blowing in the wind

The weekend was filled with activities. Some I could have done with out, others I will cherish.

  • Eleanor and I both have colds, boo.
  • Temperatures plummeted below zero so we elected not to stand outside and watch a live dragon dance, instead watching a few on YouTube like this and this. Truly amazing.
  • Seth & I made Chinese lanterns, which Seth insisted must be hung outside.
  • Attempts at home made valentines produced less than stellar results. Seth insisted that he didn’t know how to draw valentines and couldn’t even be persuaded to scribble in red. I never push art so I dropped it for now.
  • I tried a technique for valentines involving painting paper with vinegar, laying down tissue paper hearts which are removed after drying. Supposedly they will leave the tissue paper color behind. Mine did not.
  • We then moved on to painting. I tried to mix up some 30+ year old powdered tempera. I had a devil of a time getting the powder & water to mix even after adding dish soap. Worse yet, when the paint dried the color just flaked off on the ground. Pooh. Is it because the powder was so old or am I doing something wrong. Any suggestions?
  • We did get to the Riverview for our Choo Choo Bob’s movie event. My favorite clip was a short involving model trains & dinosaurs. The place was packed full of preschoolers & their parents. The best part was during a shot of a man walking down a railroad when a 2 or 3 year old from the audience shouted out – “Look, it’s Johny Cash!” Sure enough, it was.
  • I also got in quite a bit of knitting, finishing off a dress for my daughter. Or so I thought. Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit over her head!!!!! There are two astonishing things about this: 1) I did this same thing with a sweater for my son and 2) I tried it on her just a couple weeks ago and it fit then. Apparently her head grew! Argh!!
Eleanor's dress Dress trim



3 responses

11 02 2008

you have truly amazing knitting talent. the dress is beautiful.

11 02 2008
painted fish studio

oh no! i’m so sorry eleanor’s head has grown! the dress is so cute, i hope you figure out a way to fix it… but i understand the frustration – when my poncho wouldn’t fit over my head it ended up in a ball at the bottom of my knitting basket. all in all, it does sound like you had a good, creative weekend, tho!

5 03 2008

Awww… it’s a beautiful dress anyhow – maybe you could make a nice doll to wear it?

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