Duluth Memories

18 02 2008

We’re home now. Here are a few of the myriad of things that made me smile on our recent trip to Duluth.

  1. Little conversations with my sis about nothing in particular
  2. Skiing with Seth
  3. Ellie’s fake fireplace that crackles and flickers
    Ellie's fireplace
  4. Fish stick hot dish (How Minnesotan! Of course, the recipe came from our dad in Illinois, but that just adds to the charm)
  5. Being greeted by valentine sweets as well as homemade lotion and a card
  6. Ellie misunderstanding me over the cell while she was out on the slopes. I said I spilled tea on my pants and the rug. She heard and told Steve I peed my pants and got some on the rug! This explains why she responded with something like well, good for you for fessing up. I really must work on my annunciation.
  7. Being able to present Ellie with this hostess gift commemorating our last visit back in November. It’s a collage I made by affixing photos to a canvas with gel mat medium. It’s a nice deep frame and I wrapped the photos along the edges to take advantage of this feature. I had taken the photos during an afternoon visit to Park Point beach and printed them on off white recycled paper. Brushing the medium on made the photos bleed causing more of a water color look. This was not intentional, but quite a happy accident. After that dried I attached ephemera I had picked up while walking down the beach: stones, sand, grass seed. The add-ons are hard to see in this pic. Suffice it to say, not all of that sand is in the photo. Want to make one of your own? Check out Painted Fish Studios tutorial. That’s who got me going on this one.
    Duluth canvasa collage



3 responses

19 02 2008

Gotta say, I love the hostess gift Anna made me – very cool momento! Also had a lovely time w/ all them up here in da north! Thanks for a great weekend. Ellie

20 02 2008

She’s such a sweetie!

21 02 2008

can i get the fish stick recipe?

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