Greetings from Duluth

18 02 2008

Seth skiing

Well, here we are in Duluth visiting my sis. We’re all about the out of doors this weekend. Saturday we went cross country skiing. It was Seth’s first time and he loved it. We learned that kids generally ski better without poles as it takes too much coordination. We also quickly learned that Seth’s favorite part was falling over. After just a couple tumbles we noticed him purposefully falling over, smiling all the time. I was torn between wanting him to learn how to ski and wanting him to thoroughly enjoy his first experience. Fun won out as I don’t want to scare him away with my ambitions. I think we’ll be looking for some used skis for him next winter. I had no idea he’d take to it so well.

Seth falling

On Sunday Steve and Ellie went snowboarding. A first for Steve. I stayed back with the kids on the condition that no whining about sore muscles afterwards would be allowed. So far so good. They had a blast.

Steve on ski lift

This morning we’re planning on doing some snowshoeing or maybe more cross-country skiing. The snow is there for a reason. Get out and enjoy it.

Ellie taking a break

Thanks Ellie!



2 responses

18 02 2008
painted fish studio

but it’s too cold to enjoy it! ;-) it looks like you had a great time. i’m looking forward to cross country skiing at the end of the month in the U.P., where they have enough snow to get around on.

18 02 2008

Oh no, the weather was perfect. A high around 30 degrees on Sat & Sun. It dropped a bit and got a little windy today but still not bad.

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