My orchid

19 02 2008

Oncidium Twinkle

I got an orchid! It’s an Oncidium Twinkle and I love it. It is rather unexpected for an orchid. There are tons of tiny reddish pink flowers and is now in my office window. It’s lost a few flowers since arriving at it’s new home. I’m hoping it’s just a mild reaction to the move.

The presentation by Jason Fischer from Orchids Limited at the Longfellow Garden Club last week was very enlightening. He went over the basics, showed beautiful photographs and told intriguing stories. I am now under the impression I can care for an orchid. Only time will tell. If it’s still alive in a year I’ll allow myself to buy another one, maybe a ladies slipper type.



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20 02 2008

cute orchids.

20 02 2008


20 02 2008
painted fish studio


4 01 2009

Twinkles are awesome, I just ordered one myself! Nice photo!

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