Little Packages

24 02 2008

I love getting mail. Not just any mail, mail from people I actually know. The best mail these days is actually addressed to my kids but I love it all the same. There were two pieces in particular in the last week that were extra special. One came from my sister-in-law Diana and her family; a book for Eleanor and a couple activity books for Seth. Included was a Valentine’s card for each of them. It was so sweet. We can never have enough books and Seth can never have enough to keep him busy. He was particularly interested in the coloring book with stickers while I can’t wait for him to try the painting with water book. I had forgotten about those books preprinted with ink dots that bleed when wet.

The second package was from my mother, who is truly amazing. She knitted Seth a new hat, in green stripes of course. For Eleanor she whipped up this adorable blankie using flannel and minky squares with satin trim. So far Eleanor just likes to throw it around, one of her favorite past times. I’m curious to see if she’ll start carrying it around by the little tab handle my mother sewed into one corner. It’s hard to see in this picture but she even signed the bottom corner, a perfect touch.
Boy do I feel loved.

Treats from Grandma June



One response

25 02 2008
painted fish studio

i love that your mom is so creative, and makes you and the kids such wonderful gifts! and she passed her creativity down to you, and i’m so happy to have friends that love to create!

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