Collage Lights

25 02 2008

Light 1, Side A Light 1, Side B

I have the most fabulous friend. She hosts and organizes these pARTies that are phenomenal. In addition to cooking us dinner and cleaning her house she dreams up a project, creates samples and purchases supplies for us to do the project. Understandably, she’s trying to scale back the number of invitees and how often she does this. But I’ve got to say I soooooooo look forward to this event every time. Last Friday we decorated lamps with paper and collage. It was fun to see how, given the exact same supplies, we all came up with such completely different end results. I had so much fun and got so carried away that I was the last one to finish. Above and below are the two lights I created from different angles sans light-bulbs. Go here to see them lit up as well as the other pARTy goer’s creations.

Light 2, Side A Light 2, Side B




4 responses

26 02 2008
painted fish studio

thank you so much for the glowing write-up! i really love having everyone over, and seeing the beautiful things you guys create. your lamps are really are gorgeous. i really do think you should try to figure out a way to create more and sell your creations!

i’m going to try to get to ikea tonight to pick up the bulbs, so you can plug your lights in and really enjoy them!

26 02 2008

Thanks fishy lady! What do the rest of you think? Would you buy something I made, like these lights?

27 02 2008

I would totally buy one of these lights, esp since I know I’d screw it up myself. What a great idea – you guys are unbelievably creative. (The collection on Jen’s site – I had to peek – are amazing!!).

28 02 2008


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