27 02 2008

Eleanor eating beets

A friend and coworker recently asked me “why do parent’s always have to take pictures of their baby with food all over their face?” Although I’m usually like minded with this individual I knew exactly why. Once you’ve experienced feeding a baby you can’t help but think it’s cute. You try and try to keep it a tidy affair but eventually give in and enjoy the mess that is first foods. Here I give you proof that Eleanor really does like beets. It was purely by accident I discovered beets as a baby food. I was trying for rutabaga but the signs at the grocery store were messed up. Since I really didn’t know what a rutabaga looked like and have never cooked with beets I figured the rutabaga must be like a beet. Boy was I wrong! Chalk it up to another happy accident.




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28 02 2008
painted fish studio

wow! it looks like eleanor loves beets. i was actually talking about beets yesterday with a coworker. she was going to cook them for dinner and i winced. my mom force fed us diced beets from a can when we were kids, and i still can’t stand the thought of them. but now, 25 years later, i am slowly learning to accept them in salads in small amounts… tiny steps…

28 02 2008

So far the only dish I can eat beets in is borsch. I’m hoping my kids will have a broader taste range.

28 02 2008

I love beets. Probably because my parents never would have thought to serve them to us. My mother-in-law used to grown them and I fell in love immediately. I had some on a salad the other day and yum. I think the golden ones are even better, and not as messy. Eleanor is a smart girl.

28 02 2008

I think they sort of taste like dirt -at least the way dirt smells.
I do like them roasted and the second jenn is right -the golden ones are better.
on a side note -Jen are you really only 25?!?

28 02 2008

I had no idea there was such as thing as golden beets! I must check them out. Then Eleanor’s face, fingers and little tush wouldn’t be stained red.

28 02 2008
painted fish studio

martha: ugh, i wish – i’m just about to turn 34. i think the last time beets were forced on me were at age 9 or 10… but i do agree, they taste like dirt. i am slowly learning to enjoy pickled beets – the pickling masks the dirt-taste part!

28 02 2008

it’s not only cute- we covet their freedom, the idea that they don’t feel the need to be clean and proper. I would suggest next time this happens you get in on the fun.

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