2 03 2008

Seth's bristle block rocket

I’ve been sick all weekend. I’m sick of being sick. It’s just no fun. I use to pride myself on never being sick and now it feels like every other week I’ve got something. Granted, we’re finishing off Eleanor’s first winter in day care where I’m pretty sure they breed germs as science experiments. However, that doesn’t ease the annoyance. We did leave the house once over the weekend. I took the kids to MBOTMA’s Winter Bluegrass Weekend with my sis. I thought Seth would love it since I had to restrain him from climbing up on stage when we saw an outdoor concert last summer. He did love it. He loved the stairs, the benches, climbing under tables, ducking under coat racks and playing with bristle blocks. Hence the best pic from the weekend is showcased above. It’s a rocket in case you were wondering.

I’m exhausted!




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3 03 2008
painted fish studio

sick is going around – my sis just got the 24-hour flu bug, and the AE at the office called in sick this morning. i’ve avoided it so far. but glad you got over to the bluegrass fest – sounds like fun!

3 03 2008

How I wish I hadn’t had to chase after a 3 yr old the whole time. I did catch snipits of wonderfully played American roots songs. The image of a few 70/80 yr old men playing guitar, harmonica, dobro and such next to a 30 something woman playing a mandolin was lovely, as was the music they were playing. There were little groups of such musicians in every nook and cranny the hotel had to offer. The variety of music and instruments being played across generations gave me a ton of warm fuzzies.

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