Thinking of Spring – March Gardening Task List

3 03 2008


Since it’s now March I’m officially allowed to start thinking of spring. I try to hold off so as not to spoil winter and though there’s still snow on the ground my garden planning can now commence. Here I give you my March Gardening Task List. As the snow gives way and the sun warms the earth this is what I’ll be up to:
  • Gradually clearing perennial beds once dry enough
  • Although my gardens tend to be native or functional in nature I can’t resist planting a few pansies as soon as the ground is workable
  • Survey outdoor furniture, fencing and stone work for winter damage or displacement
  • Fix and clean birdhouses and feeders
  • Plan this years herb garden

If you’ve got a garden, be it lawn, perennial bed or simply a pot on the window sill, play along. What’s on the top of your March task list?




7 responses

4 03 2008
painted fish studio

top of my march task list: make it through the rest of this stinking winter! i was hoping that there would be a chance of seeing my tulips poking out of the ground by the first day of spring, but i doubt that’ll happen…

4 03 2008

Now that’s just depressing. Think positive thoughts!

4 03 2008

Here’s a positive thought. Check out my post from April 1, 2007. Tulips!!! Kind of.

(scroll down to the bottom)

4 03 2008

See! We’re not that far away!

4 03 2008

Good news -it was 3 degrees warmer when I got to work this morning than yesterday.
slow and steady….

7 03 2008

Did you ever get that beehive out of your birdhouse??? Cold days/ nights are almost done, and then watch out!! (Anna has (had) a massive beehive in a beautiful ceramic bird house, they filled the whole thing up!) – If you haven’t gotten it taken care of, are there any suggestions out there??

7 03 2008

Oh my! I forgot about that! One more item for the task list! I should also take care of all of the hives under our eves. Jiminy that’s important – how could I forget? Not sure how to get them out of the birdhouse – are the bees still in there – just sleeping? I don’t want to spray poison in there for fear of the toxic affects. Hmmm……

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