Photo Montages

4 03 2008

Scarf mosaic

Photo montages are just plain fun! This is a silly little collection of scarves I’ve knitted but you could make one using any kind of subject matter your interested in. I’ve posted before using these types of little collages here and here. Below is a link list of a few mosaics by others I adore:

To get started you need photos uploaded onto Flickr. Once you have enough photos for your chosen theme (4 to 36) go to the Mosaic Maker on fd’s Flickr Toys. Choose a layout and set to work choosing photos from your Flickr photostream. You’ll need to give Big Huge Labs permission to pull your photos in, but once you do it will be smooth sailing.

Got that mastered? Try creating a mock magazine cover, trading cards or go extra fancy by using Warhol or Hockney effects on your pics. All can be found at Big Huge Labs. For more inspiration browse other folk’s projects on fd’s Flickr Toys group.




3 responses

5 03 2008

Hi – I’m here through Feeling Stitchy’s project about commenting – and I’m really glad I came! Looks like you’re a very crafty person with lots on the go – how do you do it with a young family??! Great tip on the photo montage – I’ve been thinking about abandoning Photobucket because it’s a bit unreliable, it looks like Flickr could be the place for me! :)

5 03 2008
painted fish studio

yay! one of these days, in my copious amount of spare time, i will play with flickr a bit more. or just admire the stuff you put together! :)

16 03 2009
Terri M.

I’m glad you liked my Seals photo montage.

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