9 03 2008

Rosemary Salt Scrub

Yeah! I just received my 100th comment! Coincidently it was from my sister, who doesn’t comment anywhere near as often as she should. I thought for sure it would be Jen or Jenn, my very best commenters.

When I informed my sis of this dubious distinction she asked if she had won a prize and then went even further to specify a Kitchen Aid mixer. In orange, no less! While I had been planning a gift, it was far from her desires. I hope she’s not too disappointed in this tub of rosemary salt scrub I made her.

I’ve got to say I love comments. They are like little warm fuzzies and should be given out freely.




4 responses

9 03 2008
painted fish studio

yay! does that make me 101?

10 03 2008

Well here is another one! Hope I can bring you more warm fuzzies…and I am off to check out the link for the salt scrub. Sounds like a great idea for a gift. :)

10 03 2008

yippee!! i love comments too!

13 03 2008

Yes, ’tis me, the proud owner of the 100th comment! Thanks Anna, the bath salts were waiting for me at my apartment door, yeah! I’m so excited to try ’em out, thank you thank you!! And also very happy you got those bees out, were you nervous, were you scared, no little bee bodies in there?? Do they even hibernate in their nests, wait no, I remember hearing they fly to Mexico or something like that. hmmmm, something to ponder

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