Finger Printin’ Fun!

11 03 2008

The other day Seth and I got on the topic of fingerprints. Well, to be exact, Seth was asking about the “wrinkles” on his fingers which lead to a discussion of fingerprints which led to these fingerprint creations. I got out some water based ink pads that I had spent good money on and have never been used, instead just sitting on a basement shelf collecting dust. What’s the point in that? We set to work experimenting with different colors, different fingers and different parts of our hands. It looked like so much fun I couldn’t just sit back and watch. Mine are the really poorly taken pictures below that look like an 8 yr old did them. Of course, Seth felt the need to cut out his creations and glue them to other sheets of paper, his form of framing. He did get a little upset a couple times trying to line up one print next to the other, but with a little practice he’ll be a pro in no time. The idea of wiping off his fingers between colors didn’t cross Seth’s mind. Next time I’ll just plop down one ink pad and a few sheets of paper and he’ll be good to go. For older children I can see using multiple colors to create more complex pictures such as houses or large butterflies.




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11 03 2008

have you seen the Ed Emberley fingerprint drawing books? I’ve been meaning to get one of those for awhile -your post reminded me.
Looks like you guys had fun!

12 03 2008

So cute! I’ve been wanting to do a similar project with my students…I think they would like creating characters and then dialogues in English to go along with them! I’m dying to check out Ed Emberley’s books too!

12 03 2008

Another awesome idea! Is your son, by chance, wearing green in that photo? huh…

12 03 2008

I had never heard of Ed Emberley but I looked and the library has a ton of his books so I’ll be heading over today to pick some up. They look like a lot of fun. Thanks for the tip!

As for the green comment – like he’ll allow me to buy any other color! And now he’s insisting that it be my favorite color as well. I was just happy that he used the other color inks.

12 03 2008
painted fish studio

i remember doing that as a kid. how fun!

12 03 2008

My kids just did this the other day! They too got an Ed Emberly book out of the library. Note to self, because you already knew this, but it helps when you use washable ink stamp pads.

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