Splish Splash

13 03 2008

It reached the 50s today! Even though the next couple days are only supposed to be in the 30s I feel completely energize by today’s sneak peak at spring. It was good to get outside and completely let loose. Well, let Seth loose at least. He had a mighty fine time stomping in the puddles. Pretty sure his boots aren’t going to be dry for school tomorrow.

Go for a walk and don’t be afraid to get wet. There are always warm dry clothes to change into.

Update: I forgot to mention the best part. Seth wanted to play “dragon”. He would run behind me screaming “kachoo!” When I inquired about this strange noise he explained that he was “sneezing fire”. To which I responded something about breething fire and got a curt “no mommy, I’m sneezing fire!” Hmmmm…….




2 responses

13 03 2008
painted fish studio

the splashes captured in your photos are awesome! and to think that it’s that light out after work – it’s still so odd for me…

i’m still loving the green hat from your mom!

14 03 2008

I loved loved loved splashing in puddles when I was a kid. The best are the summer storms that bring out all the worms. Just a month or so and we’ll be there!

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