A Great Weekend

16 03 2008

My youngest sister and parents came to visit this weekend. I miss them so much. Although I’m the one that moved away I wish we could live closer. I treasure every visit. This particular one was full of fun, especially for the kids. Here’s a little run down on our doings:

The best part? When my mother presented Seth with this amazing cowboy quilt. Above is Steve holding it up for me so you can see the full affect. Below is the detail. Seth favorite part of the quilt? The green trim. His affection for the color never ceases to amaze me.

I was nervous of what his response would be when presented with my mother’s beautiful work. A 3 year old has no idea how much love goes into a project like this nor how to be gracious. I was therefore pleasantly surprises when he whispered an excited “WOW”. It’s quite busy but matches Seth’s personality perfectly. I adore the quaint retro prints and think she did a fabulous job balancing out the colors. It’s better than anything I could find in a store.

I’m now happy, tired and sad that it will again be a few months before I see them. However, I can’t end this post with out showing a few pics of Eleanor’s bathing suit debut.

What a beauty queen! So classy. The tongue especially.




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17 03 2008

I know what you mean about moving away and missing your family… I’m over here in the UK and my family is all living in British Columbia – it’s a long old way :( But glad to hear you had a marvelous weekend with the family. And what a quilt your mother made – it’s really beautiful. Definitely an heirlom for Seth!

17 03 2008

WOW, I can see where you get your talent from. That’s fabulous, and that little girl is just adorable. Lake Nokomis, here we come!!

17 03 2008
painted fish studio

i just love to see the beautiful things your mom creates. i am quite jealous. if you ever want to loan her to me, just let me know!

eleanor is getting so big, so fast. she’s still so cute, tho!

17 03 2008

Way to go mom! You did a superb job on that quilt, it is breathtaking. I love the black edging and then more quilting – a solid and then a mix – followed by the green edging. Beautiful. Awesome retro cowboy prints, can’t wait to see it in person.

17 03 2008

Grandma June did an amazing job. Way to go. And say hi to her from your former neighbors.

17 03 2008

It’s a beautiful quilt. Must have taken her a while to gather all the fabrics. I love them…some I’ve seen, some I haven’t. A quilt is something to treasure forever, especially when it’s made by your grama. Wonderful. Your family is so creative it’s so fun to see. Thanks for including me. I love the dress you made for Eleanor..who by the way is so darn cute…I would love the pattern. I’ve never made a dress before but would love to give it a go. Take care and keep sending me this great stuff.

18 03 2008

What a great quilt! So much potential for playing “I spy” or creating stories. He is going to have it forever!

Glad you had such a nice visit with your family. I’m going back to the states at the end of April and I can’t wait!

7 04 2009

Wow!! I missed this quilt last year. Definately a fab quilt for a young person.

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