Secret Fours

16 03 2008

I’ve been tagged! Jen at painted fish studio has tagged me with the Secret 4s questions. Below are my answers.

4 jobs I’ve had – McDonald’s Cashier, Rack Girl (racking pool tables), ticket sales at The Science Museum, Manager of a heath food store

4 favorite movies – Better Off Dead, Chocolat, LOTR (any), Pride and Prejudice (1995 – with Colin Firth, of course)

4 places I’ve been – Cardiff, Wales; Maui, Hawaii; Santa Fe, New Mexico; Seattle, Washington

4 places I’ve lived – Carlock, IL; Normal, IL; Iowa City, IA; Minneapolis, MN

4 favorite tv shows – Chuck, CSI, Eli Stone, Men in Trees

4 favorite radio programs – Blue Grass Saturday Mornings, All Things Considered, The Splendid Table, A Prairie Home Companion

4 favorite foods – chocolate, pizza, pasta, creamy chicken and wild rice soup

4 places I’d rather be – in the lap of luxury, in the sunshine, traveling somewhere new, on vacation

Now here’s where I run in to a problem. The rules of the tag stipulate that I divulge the required information and then tag 4 more bloggers. All of the bloggers I know have already been tagged or I don’t know them well enough to tag. Therefore, this end of this particular tag dies here. If you have a blog and want to mend this link feel free to leave a comment and answer the Secret Fours. It’s a good way to get readers. I know I’ve found a few good blogs via tags.

Update – Lori, my long lost neighbor has picked up my broken link on the Secret 4s. I miss her!




2 responses

17 03 2008

Anna –

You certainly know me well enough to tag me. So I’ll consider myself tagged. Unfortunatley, I don’t know any bloggers, so it won’t perpetuate the process any. My answers:

4 jobs I’ve had – Puppeteer for the Edina Park Board, Warddrobe mistress for Chanhassen Dinner Theatre, Realtor, Lawyer

4 favorite movies – Man who would be King, LOTR (all), Shakespeare in Love, Shawshank Redemption

4 places I’ve been – Skye, Scotland; Isla Mujeres, Mexico; Paris, France; Meat Cove, Nova Scotia

4 places I’ve lived – Minneapolis, MN; Honolulu HI; London, England; Sooke British Columbia

4 favorite tv shows – Don’t watch tv but have enjoyed dvd’s of Six feet under, Soprano’s (for awhile), Ballykissangel and Grey’s Anatomy

4 favorite radio programs – As it Happens, The Splendid Table, A Prairie Home Companion, The morning show with Dale and Jim Ed

4 favorite foods – Curry, macaroni and cheese, salmon, wine

4 places I’d rather be – in Mexico on the beach, in the Scottish Highlands, in balance with work and leisure, in better shape.

20 03 2008
painted fish studio

from mickey d’s to health foods… love it! oh, and colin firth is dreamy. here’s an after happy hour story for you:

one night a friend and i were driving to an herb farm, south of the cities at the end of the day. my friend is about 6 years older than i, and has 3 children. i hate bumper to bumper traffic. we were stuck in it, and i was complaining. so she decided we’d start naming the hollywood stars that we’d like to “meet” (you get my drift). what fun to think of all of the dreamy hunks… colin firth and johnny deep were at the top of my list. it wasn’t until days later that i realized she had played the classic toddler/dog training trick on me: focus my attention on something other than the thing that was bothering/distracting me. i felt played, but admit it worked!

and lori: i’d rather be in better shape, too!

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