Snow soup

18 03 2008

Got 2 1/2 inches of very wet snow last night so obviously I haven’t been gardening. I desparately want to go play in it but by the time I get off work all that remains will be puddles as the high will be about 40 degrees. It’s a grey day but I was still able to shoot some lovely pics on my way to work that I won’t be able to upload until tonight. Darn, this day job gets in the way sometimes!



3 responses

18 03 2008
painted fish studio

the morning was beautiful, i will admit, but i am tired of snow!!!

18 03 2008

so, so pretty. too bad it won’t last. I drove around Lake Nokomis this morning just to enjoy the peaceful scenery.

18 03 2008

Liam and I made a snowman while we were waiting for the bus. It is (was) great packing snow.
oh -and I see the job doesn’t get entirely in the way of blogging:)

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