Eleanor can crawl!

19 03 2008

We’ve had bare hardwood floors since last fall when we had to put our German Shepard to sleep. Before that, our beloved Nikita needed carpeting in order to get enough traction to stand up. Unfortunately she also found it to be a great spot for “accidents”. Often, I might add. Needless to say, soon after she left our lives the rug did as well. I like hardwood floors, but I missed having a little padding to roll around on. With Eleanor starting to become mobile my desire for a rug increased ten fold. The poor little thing would try so hard to crawl only to end up sliding backward on the slick hardwood surface. She would get her legs wedged under the couch or end up underneath a chair and scream out in frustration.

In lieu of exchanging Christmas presents this last year Steve & I decided to get rugs. One for the living room and one for the basement tv area. As shipping a large rug is not cheap, we waited patiently for Flor to have a free shipping period. I am so proud of us for being able to hold out and I’m so happy that we now have a rug. But no-one in the house is more happy than Eleanor who is now the one appreciating the traction that a rug can bring.

We loosely based the coloring off this vintage 1970s Marimekko.

It’s half of a scrap left over from a Marimekko framing store my parents once owned. It measures only about 18″x24″ and my sister has the twin. As was common in the 70s, my parents stretched it onto a wooden frame for me to hang on my wall. Unfortunately, this piece was lacking the name of the print on the selvage. When I saw Flor’s Tonal Vision I thought they would compliment each other well and am very happy with the results. (The colors in my photographs are a little deceiving as the print is not quite as vivid and the rug tiles are more so, but you get the picture.)

Flor rugs come in just under 20″ squares. They ship in boxes and put together with adhesives on the back in a jiff.

As if this all wasn’t enough, Flor’s commitment to eliminate their negative impact on the environment by 2020 is impressive. My favorite part of this? We can call the company at any time to pick up the tiles to be recycled into new rugs. I’ve added enough rolls of carpeting and area rugs to the landfills in my lifetime. (Actually, the wall to wall carpeting we tore out when we moved in 10 years ago is still in the attic. But it will eventually makes it’s way to a landfill as well. Sigh.)

Incidentally – my house never looks that clean. We just had to move all the stuff to put the tiles down. Also, the basement rug is a subtle brown stripe. I think it will look good against the brick red cement floor.




4 responses

20 03 2008

Wow! It looks so good. But it will look just as good with toys strewn all over the place. It is very well suited to a hip young couple and a hip young family. :) And I love how it looks with your couch and the Marimekko. It looks like a fun room to hang out in!

20 03 2008
painted fish studio

fabulous! wow! i love it. now i really want to redo my living space! and i’m so happy to hear that eleanor can now crawl and crawl and is a happy little girl. i can’t wait to see it in person!

20 03 2008
Megan H

I love the carpet! I’ve always been impressed with the Flor tiles I’ve seen in peoples’ homes. Thanks for visiting my blog (the spice labels). I had actually just found yours right before that through The Artful Parent (how to do a photo montage in a blog post).

24 03 2008

Don’t let her grow up so fast!! But really I’m glad she can crawl and I’m sure she is enjoying being able to catch up with Seth.
I love the carpeting. It looks great. Didn’t know you used the basement. Post a picture of the basement, too.

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