Imaginative Sidewalk Chalk

30 03 2008

We had a great weekend. I say this mostly because I feel we got a lot accomplished AND I still had fun with the kids. Maybe this was as a result of the warmer temps. We got a bit of spring cleaning in. OK, a lot of spring cleaning. This is amazing for us as we’re not known as tidy or clean people. I also got my hair cut, and I do mean cut. We’re talking instead of halfway down my back, it’s above my shoulders. Even though Seth knew I was getting it cut and came running when he heard my voice at the door he turned tail as soon as he saw me. Pouting with his head down he quickly went back to the kitchen where he told his papa that he was sad because I got too much of my hair cut off. I’ve had long hair since he was born, I guess I should have warned him better. As for Eleanor, she still smiled up at me but when I tried to touch her she would start to scream and move away. It took them a couple hours to warm back up to me. Looking back at this and considering I had to work at the office part of Saturday it’s hard to believe in the end I think it was a good weekend. Maybe it’s just that it started on a good note and ended on a good note, interspersed with some great fun. Kathryn came over Friday evening to watch Emma and work on some projects. Today Seth had a play date, I got to hold a 7 week old and Seth and I spent a lot of quality time together. Mostly we talked, researched and acted out scenes about volcanoes, his new obsession.

Another way we enjoyed ourselves this weekend was with sidewalk chalk. Steve drew (because he’s better than me at it) a rocket ship, a fire truck and a submarine on the front walk with chalk. Each vehicle had one or two seats with a steering wheel and/or control buttons. Incidentally, when we have our annual block party and the street is closed we go even further creating a large house with rooms and furniture in the middle of the road. Once these creations were completed to Seth’s specifications his imagination took over, directing us in how to act in each of these vehicles. There are very specific ways you know.



6 responses

31 03 2008

My son is obsessed with volcanoes too but I haven’t had to act one out yet -sounds quite fun!

31 03 2008
painted fish studio

yay! i think a lot of people were out saturday with sidewalk chalk — i walked past (and over) lots of great creations while walking the dogs this weekend.

i can’t wait to see your new “do”!

31 03 2008

yeah –
And tonight you can make a 3-dimensional snowman!

31 03 2008

No kidding! 2-4 inches expected. I’m in shock, though I really shouldn’t be.

Jenn – I bet your loving CA right now!

31 03 2008

LOL! I love that your sidewalk art had “seats” and buttons!

8 04 2008

late to comment but had to agree, sidewalk chalk rocks! I (still) love it, and my kids do too, my teen daughter was messing about with it this weekend and her preteen/tween brothers like to outline obstacle courses and bike tracks with it…fun for all ages!

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