Friends Make the World Go ‘Round

31 03 2008

I have a very fabulous friend whom I credit with re-energizing my creative spirit. She hosts wonderful little art parties that I always look forward to immensely, has a great blog that I check daily and is simply a wonderful person to have lunch with. Recently she gave me a gift of this collage she made. I don’t really like to eat mushrooms but something about them appeals to me. Maybe it’s some kind of 70s flashback to my childhood. I remember a set of tumblers with a mushroom print that I always liked. Maybe it’s the connection to nature or the cycle of life. Whatever it is, it suits me. And I love this simple rendition.

It took me forever to find the right spot for it. At one point I almost went on her etsy shop to purchase two more similarly themed versions to make a lovely little triptych to go over my doorway. As I have a ban on spending money on my kitchen until the renovation is done (going on 4 years now) I had to hold myself back. I finally found the right spot for it next to the waffle iron, above the measuring cups:




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31 03 2008
painted fish studio

oh thank you, for such a wonderful post. i am so flattered, and honored. i am so glad that you have become a creative co-conspirator! you have also helped me become creative again, after a 4 year absence while i worked and worked on my other career. yay for us!

my collages on etsy aren’t exactly hot sellers right now. be careful of what you wish for, you may just end up with a few more for your kitchen!

ps. i just love the green walls.

31 03 2008

I almost said I’m not hinting at anything when I made the triptych comment, but stopped myself as I also wouldn’t want to discourage. ;)

31 03 2008
painted fish studio


1 04 2008

It’s perfect there and the green wall frames it beautifully. Nice job ladies!

3 04 2008

This looks great in your kitchen.

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