Functional Felt Swap!

1 04 2008

Jen at painted fish studio and I are proud to announce a Functional Felt Swap!

Join us in making a felted but still functional item to swap. How do you arrive at a felted item? Try one of these methods:

  1. Knit and then felt (aka full)
  2. Wet felt using wool roving
  3. Sew from wool felt yardage
  4. Upcycle a thrift store sweater

The most important part is that the end result must be functional and made of a felted material. In other words, you should be able to wear it, put stuff in it or use it in some other manner. You should not end up with an item that simply sits on a shelf. I don’t know about you but I’ve got enough of those.

Here’s the schedule:

  • Sign up by April 16th
  • Receive your partner’s name by April 23rd
  • Complete and mail item by May 28th

To sign up send an email to functionalfeltswap{at}gmail{dot}com with the following info:

  1. Your name
  2. Your email address
  3. Your mailing address
  4. Your favorite color(s)
  5. If you prefer to receive an item for an adult or a child

Please note that this is an international swap. As such you may be paired with someone over seas and will need to foot the shipping cost. You will be paired with someone who is not paired with you. In other words, the person you are making an item for will be making an item for someone completely different. And lastly, make sure to check your junk mail!!! Better yet, add functionalfeltswap{at}gmail{dot}com to your email address list right now. If you have not received your swap partner’s information by April 24th check your junk mail first! Then email us.

Here are some important links:

flickr group – for participants to upload in progress and completed items

painted fish studio – for updates and status checks

Three Sneaky Bugs – for updates and status checks

How exciting!!!! Spread the word and feel free to grab this badge and use it!

Disclaimer/fine print/nitty gritty:

Although we are organizing this swap please understand that we are not responsible for the quality or timeliness of your swap partner. This is just for fun and the risk is part of that fun. If you do not receive your package by June 28th email us at functionalfeltswap{at}gmail{dot}com and we will attempt ONE time to contact your swap partner. Participants that fail to follow through with their end of the swap by July 28th will not be able to participate in future swaps put on by painted fish studio or three sneaky bugs.

I really can’t express how excited I am about this. I hope you choose to participate in the fun and I look forward to making many new friends.




9 responses

1 04 2008
painted fish studio


2 04 2008

oh yes, count me in…sounds like fun…does this count as signing up or do I have to do something more???

2 04 2008

ok, forgive me…just reread post and I will go sign up properly now!

2 04 2008

I am excited to be part of this (my first) swap. Sounds like fun!

2 04 2008

Oops! I can’t spell my own identity on Etsy and Flickr…which is SOUPTOKNITS (plural, not souptoknit…)

2 04 2008

I’m in, sounds like big fun

4 04 2008

I wish I had time to do this….I love felt. I will just have to ooh and ah virtually:)

21 08 2008

love your blog its wonderful I have looked into getting an emblellishing machine I saw it at a knitting conference I dont knit my sister does but I like the embelisher

23 03 2009

Should anyone need a source for wool sweaters, feel free to browse my shop :)

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