Functional Felt Swap and Getting to Know You

4 04 2008

I’m happy to report that sign up for the Functional Felt Swap is going very well. We already have people signed up in 3 different countries and 7 US states. I really love the international nature of the web. It seriously blows me away. I’m sure it will be no surprise to my son but for someone who remembers life before email it’s miraculous. I suppose that’s how I’m going to date myself, along with the fact that I had a Commodore 64 in Jr High.

One of the best parts of this nifty online world is making new friends. Part of participating in a swap is also about making new friends. Putting yourself out there allows you to find other like-minded individuals even if they’re half way around the world. Maybe some day you’ll meet them in person, maybe not. The point is that you inspire each other. To be creative, to be outgoing, to be curious. As such, and even though we don’t require the info I highly recommend including your blog, etsy shop, flickr id and such with your sign up information. It will help your swap partner get to know you and what you might like. Even better and even if you don’t sign up for the swap make sure to leave a comment that either links to your URL or includes the data in your comment. Help us get to know you better.



2 responses

5 04 2008
painted fish studio

great idea!

7 04 2008
Tina B

The Commador 64 was the first thing our family owned that made me feel like I had something other people didn’t. Kinda like having the 1st PS3 :) Awesome idea-you are so inspiring!!! Love ya FTF!!!

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