Ahhhhh, Spring!

7 04 2008

Regardless of the fact that it snowed this morning, it finally feels like spring. I saw my first Robin of the season last week, spent the weekend without a jacket on and now have a huge vase of pussy willow stems at work and at home.

These were trimmed from my pussy willow shrub which thrives in my rain garden. It’s a native to North America and apparently loves moisture as I never seem to trim enough each year. It just keeps growing and growing. I have another pile to arrange a vase for my sister and a huge pile of discards in the backyard. In case your wondering what ever happened to my March Gardening Task List, well, I’m still plugging away at it. I may have been a little over ambitious last month. Maybe I’ll get it done this month. And the rest of those bee hives? I’m happy to report a big fat check mark there:



2 responses

8 04 2008
painted fish studio

i love your pussy willows! i wish i had some… it’s so nice to finally see spring arriving…

8 04 2008

Thanks so much for coming up with the macro challenge with Orange Flower. It has been so much fun and challenging to see things in a different way. Your bee hives are just the thing I would keep and display in a frame or bowl. I know I’m weird that way! : )

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