Felt Inspirations

8 04 2008

My mother was given a bunch of yarn not that long ago. Many were single skeins and some were missing labels. She thought some trial run felting would be fun and these oven mitts are a taste of the result. She’s an excellent knitter and they took her no time at all. It was lucky too that they knit up quickly as one of the three did not felt. This shot is of one that did felt and one that didn’t, kind of a before and after effect. The best part of it was the laugh we all got at seeing the giant mittens. Lesson learned? You must know that the yarn is at least 90% wool/animal fiber. Also, it simply cannot be washable wool. She did end up with a pretty cool oven mitt though, didn’t she? Add a pot holder and I think it would make a nice set for the swap. She’s currently deciding whether or not to join the swap. I think she should, but I’m biased.

Are you deciding whether or not to join the Functional Felt Swap too? Maybe you need some inspiration. Try these on for size:

Books – browse your local bookstore or library to get those creative juices flowing. The online world is great but there’s something about crisp pages and large format photography. Here’s a few I’ve been perusing lately:

  • Warm Fuzzies by Betz White – upcycle used sweaters into tote bags, scarves, book covers, craft aprons or blankets. Ellena (a FF swapper) has apparently already discovered Betz as evidence by her great hats. Don’t be deceived by the cupcakes, there are plenty of more functional items in her book that would be appropriate for our “functional” requirement.
  • Felt Forward by Maggie Pace – knit and felted items like a bobble & Icord bracelet, wonderful boots and a hoop purse that loosely reminds me of Martha’s stone purse.
  • Simply Felt by Docherty & Emerson – Just the lovely free form wet felted vases on the cover would make me happy.
  • How about a collection of little sewn travel items from Felt Accessories by Taylor Hagerty? Luggage tags, passport holder & journal cover?
  • I also can’t wait to take a look at Shibori Knitted Felt.

Flickr – Check out other swap members pics or take a peek at some of these flickr groups. There are plenty of others, just try a search.

Blogs & Websites – too many to mention. Here’s a couple but once you start looking you may not be able to stop. (we’ve all been there)

Etsy – do a search on etsy to see what others have done or find materials for your project. In particular check out Eileen‘s roving and hand dyed yarn, another fellow FF swapper.

Sewing pattern books/sites – if your thinking of upcycling an old sweater or using felt fabric try perusing sewing pattern books at your at your local craft or sewing store or even online. I saw this one beautifully recreated from old sweaters in Knitting Never Felt Better.

Magazines – pick up a knitting or felting magazine such as Interweave Felt.

Any other suggestions out there? Have a project on your blog you want us to look at? Leave a comment.

Side note – If you’re already signed up for the swap you should have received a confirmation email of some nature. If you did not, please check your junk mail folder!




3 responses

9 04 2008

Ok. I’m gonna sign up. Gotta drop the boy off at daycare and when I get back I’ll like at the fine details for signing up. I have an idea already… :)

Here is a tea cozy I knit and felted for my husband for christmas. I felted it in my sink! :) This is the pattern on knitty that I followed. The colors of the original are so adorable…I used all scrap yarns on mine!

9 04 2008
Anna Yamaura

I am getting lost in ideas….

9 04 2008
painted fish studio

wonderful list! thank you, i am in need of ideas.

so glad sarah signed up! i love her tea cozy.

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