9 04 2008

Smoothie ingredients

You can’t mess up a smoothie. You can’t. It’s a fact. So much so that I let my son choose many of the ingredients AND how much to put in. All you need is vanilla yogurt, a little sugar, a few ice cubes and some fruit. While I place a few dollops of yogurt in the blender I let Seth pick out three frozen fruits. He’s allowed one scoop of sugar with a tablespoon and however many ice cubes and pieces of fruit he wants. Granted I did once have to convince him that frozen corn doesn’t work well in a smoothie. Which I suppose goes against my first statement, but you knew I was exaggerating. Here’s a couple more tips:

  1. If your doing this with a child, have everything ready prior to inviting the kiddo to join you. I turned around to get a spoon and when I turned back Seth had his finger in the yogurt container. I told him I would take the smoothie away if he stuck his finger in there again. The next time I turned around to grab something he stuck his tongue in there.
  2. When fruit such as berries, bananas and peaches are starting to go bad freeze them for smoothies later. Clean and chop them the size you would want for the blender. If you have more than a couple consider freezing them in a single layer prior to bagging to avoid them freezing to each other. Something like a banana could simply be peeled, broken in half and frozen separately. Then you could toss one half in your next smoothie.
  3. If you have a side by side or bottom freezer keep all the containers of fruit in one easily accessible spot for the budding chef to choose from.

All gone!

Oops! Forgot to take a picture before we drank it all. Boy was that yummy!



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9 04 2008
painted fish studio

yum! and yes, you can mess up a smoothie. years ago, i had the brilliant idea to freeze my strawberries, thus removing the need for ice cubes. my first morning of smoothies: put everything into the blender, then blend. but i wasn’t fully awake, and couldn’t get the pitcher-thingy off the base, and decided to turn it to the left, and lift it. ooops, i removed the pitcher, and smoothie everywhere. lots of four letter words. i clean it up, try again. put my ingredients in, turn the blender on, and the frozen strawberries were just too much — the cheap plastic pitcher shattered and flung goo, frozen strawberries, and shards all over. i then went back to bed.

10 04 2008

Throw some spinach in! Felix loved the green smoothie….and it was so delicious. We have smoothies pretty regularly here cause we love them so much!

10 04 2008

Or the Ooops in my case—don’t forget the lid. Looks yummy!

12 04 2008

we make ours with tofu (even though soy gets a bad rap these days, there’s still a good amount of protein) plain yogurt and frozen fruit…Peanut thinks he’s getting some sort of ice cream treat! :)

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