Eleanor’s dress

10 04 2008

Anyone out there wondering what happened to Eleanor’s dress that I was knitting? Well, I finally finished it. I had to remove the neck and painstakingly reknit loosely. I say painstakingly because I do NOT knit loosely. I’m happy to report that not only does it now fit over head it still fits her all together! Granted only for about a month, maybe two but still! I was so sure that I had procrastinated so long that it was now too small for her. Thank goodness I was wrong.

Now I just have to figure out how to re-motivate myself when I make a mistake in my knitting. When I realize something has gone amiss I tend to put it aside for a long, long time and work on other projects. Lessons learned: 1) Must knit all necklines LOOSELY 2) Don’t wait so long to fix the problem/jump back in sooner.



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10 04 2008
Anna Yamaura

I am so jealous!! But that is such a cute little number. Ummm When I have fluff ups in my sewing projects, I tend to procrastinate too. Eleanor seems to know that she looks a star in her new little number. What a cutie and I have serious hair envy.

11 04 2008

I love it! She looks adorable.

I do the same thing: whenever I make a mistake, I just put the project aside. This means I have a crazy number of unfinished projects. An outstanding number. Often the mistakes are easy but I hate going backwards on a project. Ugh. I need help!

This reminds me that I have a little dress, that doesn’t even have a mistake, that I started knitting ages ago. I should pick it up and start working on it again. It is so close to being finished!

11 04 2008

Dress looks great!! I know what you mean, I started a dress for my daughter 2 yrs ago-I am going to have to crochet a panel for each side so it will fit her!

11 04 2008

that’s great, and she’s so cute. nice job.

11 04 2008

yea! it fits! and looks so cute:) and with this weather she might be wearing it all summer! but I hope not….

12 04 2008

oh my she’s adorable!!!

that dress!! what great colors…you are persistant…i’m sure i would have thrown in the towel long before it was finished.

17 04 2008
jen s

i’m so happy to see it on! yay!

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