Macro Challenge Update

12 04 2008

I have been having so much fun with the 30 Day Macro Challenge put on by Orange Flower. It was such a good idea. Everyday I’ve had to stop and re-examine my world. The water spout shot on the top right was taken at an ugly run of the mill gas station. But I hadn’t gotten my shot yet and I spied the gutter. Since I’ve taken to carrying my camera around for this challenge I was able to take advantage of the moment. Another example would be the nifty rust shots taken of my husband’s ancient Range Rover parked in drive for what seems like forever. If you know me, you know this is a sore spot. But being able to look through the camera’s macro eye made it a heck of a lot more interesting.

Days 5-11 of the Macro Challenge

Here are my shots for days 5-11. Obviously I’ve gotten carried away on some days taking more than one pic. I take multiple shots during the day because I’m not sure what I’ll like in the end. Some days I only end up with one good shot, others I can’t choose just one. This has been an excellent challenge on many levels. Not only is it improving my camera skills (at least I think so) can you imagine how long I laid on the ground trying to capture a shot of that fast moving little ladybug?




4 responses

12 04 2008

it has been equally exciting for me too…and so fun to see your daily contributions. so happy you joined in.

12 04 2008

I am loving the macro phoots – I was suprised to find I had a macro button also – so fun!

12 04 2008

I can’t believe the one with the water pouring over is a gutter. I thought it was water pouring over a shell in a fountain or something. Love the ladybug shot too.

12 04 2008

Thanks again for the information and inspiration on mosaics. What fun! Now I am having fun with both macros and mosaics!
Glad to hear you got inspired with Picasa!

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