13 04 2008

What a weekend! Saturday was filled with taxes and knitting but Sunday, oh Sunday! The sun finally came out!!! It was very exciting and we spent a good chunk of time in the yard. For some reason I had a hard time getting myself out of the house, but once I did I couldn’t go back inside. My sis got me going clearing out some of the garden beds. All of the south side of the house, herb garden and much of the patio edging was cleared before dinner was on the table. After last years debris was cleared away it was exciting to see new green shoots poking through!

I did come to the conclusion that I will need to look into how to split a rhubarb plant. Assuming that’s even possible. Ours it a bit on the mammoth side and as the little leaves poking out of the ground already cover several square feet I know I need to do something this year. Any suggestions Dad?

Sis arrived with a lovely new hat for Eleanor knit by Grandma June. I never get tired of her knitted surprises. Each one is cherished.

The hardest part of the day has been deciding what macro shot to upload into the 30 day challenge flickr group. We’re suppose to do one a day. But on beautiful days like today I take so many that narrowing it down to just one seems impossible. So I decided to make a macro challenge set where I could put my favorite macros and then only one (or two) of those will I link to the actual group. Somehow that satisfies me.

Another beehive Ice chunk melting in the grass Beetle Ice close up Rhubarb brains Snow and sand



4 responses

14 04 2008
nature hills nursery

I can’t think of a better activity than gardening, especially after doing taxes. Great photos!

14 04 2008

i think it was warmer at your house than mine….

14 04 2008

Yes, I’m sure the 2 miles makes a huge difference.

15 04 2008

Oooh I vote for the vacated bees nest!!

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