Potpourri Collage

28 04 2008

What do you do with potpourri after the smell has faded? We make collages. Here’s the low down:


  • Glue – in bottle is best. Glue sticks and such won’t provide enough contact area
  • Stiff paper – card stock, paper board, you could even use the inside of a flattened empty cereal box
  • Old potpourri – smell gone, but not forgotten – spread out on a plate or cookie sheet (You may want to remove any larger pieces so as to avoid an upset child that doesn’t understand why his 4″ pine cone doesn’t stick on the paper.)

Let the artiest “draw” with the glue. The younger they are the better luck you’ll have with smaller, full bottles so that hand dexterity isn’t an issue. Let said artist choose and arrange pieces of the potpourri to his or her satisfaction.

The 1st time Seth worked on this project he was more enamored with squeezing the glue out. Now that we’ve done this a few times and the glue novelty is wearing off he’s getting a bit more into the placement of the objects. However, there is still plenty more glue than necessary.

I love how this project can be whipped out at a moments notices with no prep and minimal clean up. Here’s the result of doing just that during a recent play date:

The blue background was made by a friend of Seth’s. I love how she lined up the cinnamon sticks. She did leave it behind for the glue to dry so I took the opportunity to frame it in some cheap Ikea frames. Using Command picture hanging strips I was able to hang Seth’s and have a gift ready in a matter of minutes.




One response

29 04 2008

You are having fun with your kids doing art and craft work just like I used to do. My kids are both teenagers now and they are always so busy, not a lot of time for crafting with mum though! Anyway thanks for your comment about my new felted bag it is apprciated. Once you felt things the colours mute and become more matt which is a very good thing. The stripes are very narrow so none of the colours really jump out as they did before it was felted. Your blog is lovley, full of fun family times but the sudden death of your sister must be very painful for you. You have many friends in blogland who care for you and your family, take comfort in that. It must also be good to know Shannon lives on in those lucky organ recipients.

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