Photography Addiction

29 04 2008

Well, it’s official. I have a photography addiction. Similar to Jennifer I’m really very sad to see Orange Flower’s 30 Day Macro Challenge come to an end. I haven’t been posting daily at this site, but you can see my photo set here or those of other challenge participants here. I think I might be heading into withdrawal even before it is officially over tomorrow. How sad is that? But I do believe it really has improved my photography skills.

So what do I do? I enter another little online photo project – Curious Bird’s Color Week. Well, I missed day one so I’m posting Green Monday here with Yellow Tuesday. It’s all really silly but I enjoy these things.

Notes on green photos (clockwise from top left) – morning frost on a small rhubarb leaf; the front hose I left out all winter, will it still work?; doesn’t everyone have a green soccer ball?; a branch of new leaves on our choke cherry tree in the front yard – I worked on this one for at least 5 minutes before I realized my macro feature wasn’t selected (apparently I haven’t learned as much as I like to think). We have no shortage of green in this household between the green obsessed preschooler and the foliage unfolding outside, so this one was easy.

Yellow on the other hand….. (again clockwise from top left) – Duplos; Mozart music cube (I love this thing); extension cords; rain boots that are too big for Eleanor but too small for Seth. I could not find a single thing that wasn’t made of plastic or rubber. Apparently it is an unnatural color in my house.




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29 04 2008

I have become addicted to photography with the macro challenge too! I am still in denial that tomorrow is the last day of April though! So I am not facing my sadness yet! I’ll deal with that tomorrow, and maybe join up with the fun color photos this week!
You have been a gem of a gal to take macros with this month!

29 04 2008
Thomas Shaggy

Though I am not familiar with the macro challenge, I myself have found myself very intrigued by the art of macro photography and have a few photos on my camera that are beautiful examples of macro, no to toot my own horn, but the photos are great, I will come back and check out some more from you.

30 04 2008
Jen b

hooray a partner in color week crime. LOVE all of your photo so far.

30 04 2008
painted fish studio


30 04 2008

it WAS fun.
as for the garden hose…well my friend, you just may have to trash it. i left my curling one out over the winter, and it leaks now (in several spots)

1 05 2008
Lil' d

I’m going to miss the macro challenge. I need to accept that I’m already coming to the end of my memeory card, though, so it might be time to put down the camera and pick up the manual. I hope there’s a ‘delete all’ button…

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