Red vs. Pink

1 05 2008

When it comes to red, I had a lot more success at stepping back from the macro view. Yes, the pedal was with the macro setting but none of the rest.

Pink on the other hand… Not only do I tend to not be a big fan of pink but I had a rather hard time finding interesting pink things today, especially ones that didn’t involve a close up shot.

I took that pink sidewalk shot WHILE driving. Shame on me! The rest of these shots were taken on a couple of walks. I’m glad the rain has held off but it looks like there’s no avoiding it tomorrow. Good thing I have indoor museum plans with a certain someone!




3 responses

1 05 2008

Very fun! I love your color mosaics, and will definately have to give that a try someday, but I didn’t get with it for this week’s color challenge.
Keep me posted if you see another fun photo challenge!

2 05 2008
painted fish studio

nice shots!

2 05 2008

You are creating some very nice color mosaics. I hope you were not talking on your cell phone the same time your were driving and taking pictures. Yikes!!

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