4 05 2008

What has surprised me the most about blogging is the community. I’m sure this doesn’t surprise most of you, but I’m still a newbie. My original goal had more to do with motivating myself to complete more projects than anything to do with friends. It was rather selfish. Prior to starting my blog in January I had been a reader (aka lurker) seldom commenting but always being inspired. I want to start seeing more completed projects of my own as well as with my children. I thought committing to post about them would help. And it has. What I didn’t count on were the friends. Who would have thought this little venture would strengthen a current friendship, rekindle an old one and create a new one in so short a time span. Actually, many new friends. Too many to mention here. But the fact that I’ve now met one of those new friends blows me away. Kristin and I spent a lovely morning on Friday at an art museum. It was a strange mix of I’ve known you forever but am just meeting you, and I was very pleased with the outing. I did feel a little out of my league as she dresses better than me, has a better behaved 3 yr old and is more thoughtful. (Why didn’t I think to bring a gift?) Just as pleasant as getting to know her was watching our boys get to know each other. I’m not sure whether it was cuter, watching them hold hands while they walked through the museum or when they were sharing an umbrella on the walk to the car. You should know that the mamas were getting drenched while these two were cozily inching their way up the street. This picture was taken at the beginning of the walk. Before my hair was dripping and every other sentence out my mouth was “hurry up guys”.

I hope to meet many more of you that I have come to consider my friends. As I know I will never be able to travel the globe and meet all of you, please know that I still treasure our friendships. I look forward to many more exchanges, be it through postings, comments or craftiness. Thank you for being my friend.



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5 05 2008
Jen b

aww how fun you and kristin got to hang out. and you got to meet peanut. i am so jealous. that pic of the boys is really cute. here’s to hoping i am in your neck of the woods someday!

5 05 2008

Such a nice meet up. Love that the little ones held hands AND shared an umbrella. And that the mom’s got wet so that the cuteness could continue!

It is amazing how darn nice the crafty blog community is. I started up the same time you did and have been astounded.

5 05 2008

Thank you for being one of my new blog friends and inspirers! Great photo of your day with a beautiful blog entry!

5 05 2008
painted fish studio

yay, friends!

6 05 2008

it WAS fun…and your words are so sweet. thank you for sharing an afternoon with us.

and how cute are your photos?!! (thanks for emailing them to me) you got some great shots…treasures for sure :)

6 05 2008

That is so funny, it must be friends in blog land week. Because I posted about that very same topic, and so did several other blogs I read. It is an awesome side effect, and I think it’s cool that you met a blog friend in person.

8 05 2008

It is amazing -but it also makes sense. You write about stuff and people that are interested in the same stuff come to read about it and comment….
The internet can connect people with similar interests in a way that the regular community can’t, or at least it makes it easier and faster. Still no replacement for face to face meetings though. And you got both!
It’s been fun reconnecting:)

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