5 05 2008

Other than me getting a wicked sunburn we had an excellent weekend. Seth and I went on several adventures including picnics, parkS, coffee shops with play areas, walks and even a giant puppet parade. The puppets were giant, not the parade. Some had to be held by almost a dozen handlers. Our all time favorite activity of the weekend was going to the MIA on Saturday for a puppet show of Anatole and Anatole and the Cat. In case you’re wondering these puppets were normal sized. Following the show there was a scavanger hunt to find a mouse in a painting, a craft project of making an Anatole puppet and a “french” snack. Even without a 3 year old I would have enjoyed this. But it’s nice to have a youngster around as an excuse. I would have gotten odd looks otherwise.

For those of you that don’t know who Anatole is, he’s a charming mouse living in Paris. He is the lead character in a little set of books by Eve TItus geared at the 4-8 yr old set. Anatole makes an honorable living as a cheese taster instead of stealing his food from others. It was by pure coincidence that we had brought home Anatole and the Toy Shop back in December. It had been the hubby’s book as a youngin’. I had never heard of Anatole, but now find him quite delightful. Even though the original book was written over 50 years ago they’ve held up well. There was only one marginally sexist remark in the 1st book about the fathers going out to gather the food. Why can’t the mothers provide for their family I ask you? I’ve decided to chalk it up to a possibility in the animal kingdom. Am I kidding myself because I find the rest of the story so utterly charming? It’s better than Rudolf needing to get the women folk back to safety which makes me cringe but I still let Seth watch it. I consider myself quite the feminist but will these subtle messages influence my son or will my role modeling conquer all?



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6 05 2008

your role modeling will conquer it all…he needs to experience those messages in order to learn from them….and you are sure to do right by him and teach him well.

i didn’t go back to MIA for the puppet show…i was quite sad as it sounded so interesting, but we got so busy with house projects…happy to hear you had fun.

and darn…wish i had know you were at Powerhorn…it would have been great to see you again.

6 05 2008
apple cyder

Thanks for reminding me of Anatole. Love those books and will now make a note to read them to my kiddo when he’s a bit older.

6 05 2008

I love Anatole. My brother and sister in law were having mice problems, and i made sure to send this book to them. Real mice are gross, but Anatole is sweet!

7 05 2008
Anna Y

ohh, i love reading book reviews. a little early for ct? who knows but seeing i love the poem ‘i think mice are rather nice’, i think that this book will be right up my street….

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