Collage for the Old and the Young

8 05 2008

I created a travel project for Seth involving sandpaper with yarn and set it out to see if he would have any interest. After feeling the sandpaper and twirling the yarn he asked for paper & scissors, which I gave him. After cutting up a few pieces he asked for crayons and green glue (his term for a glue stick). And after a couple more minutes he had whipped up this lovely collage of his own design with his own chosen materials. He even got some tape and chose what wall to put it on. I was thrilled. I was also reminded that I really needed to work on getting his art supplies where he can reach them whenever inspirations strikes. Mind you, I also have to consider how far Eleanor can reach now, which makes this a bit more complex.

Meanwhile I’ve been working on my own collages since early December. I’ve posted on the one I made my sis earlier. I was able to finish that one because I had a deadline of a trip to see her. These other two are mine. Which means there was no motivation other than my desire to complete them. Although I really wanted them done, it’s the sort of thing I push off because the kids need caring for, the dishes need washing or any number of daily chores. “I’ll do it next weekend” was always at the tip of my tongue. Not only did life get in the way but I kept making silly mistakes. I forgot to attach hardware to the back before affixing the ephemera even though Jen had warned against this in her mini tutorial. Then I used inappropriate adhesives to put the drift wood on causing it to fall off a day later. Finally, when putting it up on the wall with 3m picture hook adhesives I neglected to take into account that the hook might be longer than the actual piece. Twice. Geeze! Could anything else go wrong? Well, after about 5 different attempts at putting it on the wall I finally realized I could use 3m’s command strips. To the close observer you’ll note that means I didn’t have to attach hardware to begin with as these little strips stick to both the wall and the art piece with no need for traditional picture hanging hardware. They’re like heavy duty removable Velcro. Yes, I realize I could have just pounded a nail in the wall but as I have old plaster walls this can be a dangerous proposition. So, even though I apparently could only take crappy pictures of these pieces I just had to post that it’s finally done!!!! They are complete AND up on my wall. Hip, hip hurray!!!

Here I give you my Duluth memory collages made from dirty 2×4 scraps, digital photos printed on plain recycled paper, gel mat medium, epoxy, beach sand, stones and drift wood. Phew, that was a rough one!




4 responses

9 05 2008

I love that bottom photo especially. This inspires me to get a little more crafty about decorating my home.

9 05 2008
painted fish studio

yay! they look great!

9 05 2008

ooh nice!! I hate projects that I put off-good for you for finishing!!

10 05 2008
Jen b

those are beautiful anna. i love how you hung them, they look great together.

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