Swap Update & A Giveaway!

14 05 2008

I got a bit antsy waiting to start my swap project before the partners were handed out so I started what I thought was a little something to keep me occupied.  In my normal fashion I neglected to read the directions all the way through before hand and by the time I realized I would need to knit three six foot i-cords I was already too into the project. The above headband is the result. You can see another shot here. I had to run it through the washer 6 TIMES to get it to full how I wanted it. By the time all was said and done I had left over felted i-cords. What to do? Well a Functional Felt Swap giveaway, of course! Here’s what I came up with:

A lovely (in my opinion), light as air bracelet. This giveaway is open to all Functional Felt Swap participants. (Sorry to my other wonderful readers – but don’t fear I have another giveaway planned for the nearish future.) In order to qualify for this giveaway all you need to do is comment about your progress to date on this post, Jen’s update post,  or upload a shot to our flickr group by end of day Monday, May 19th. It could even be simply about the materials you plan to use. If you take a look at the flickr group it’ll be pretty obvious that some go getters are already entered into this giveaway. But don’t let that stop you from commenting. We want to hear what you think of the swap so far. As for me, here’s my progress. I should have put a quarter in there for scale. If I had it would have been about the size of you mouse pointer.



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14 05 2008
painted fish studio

wonderful work, anna! since i’m a co-host, i consider myself ineligible, but here’s my update: i have my pattern, my yarn, and my needles! and knitting group tonight, so i’m hoping that my project will be done within 2 weeks!

15 05 2008
Jen C.

That bracelet is so sweet! (And my, are you patient…I can’t believe you are knitting AND felting…I’d go bonkers.) Beautiful colors, all!

15 05 2008

The bracelet is lovely, nice colours! I’ve got as far as brainstorming a few ideas, but haven’t quite made my mind up yet. I’m hoping to make my swap item this weekend.


15 05 2008
Anna Y

i love your work too anna. it looks like the needles love you, unlike me. progress?? um i have the felt, the lining fabric, dylon, terry towelling, the interfacing and finally found something for the soles of one of the items i am making…. okay, i’ll spill the beans, i am making a pair of slippers (have avante garde ideas here). have made a practice pair and felt on the inners does not work so went with terry towelling. felt under where you put your feet also doesn’t work, so putting lining there. it has taken me ages to find a suitable material that i sew under the machine and would not make the slippers dangerous (like my practice pair). seeing that there is not as much felt as i would like on my planned slippers, i am thinking about other things to make. sticking to the bathroom theme, i am also thinking about a make up roll/pouch (see how the wind blows there), a few hair clips and a mystery item (still a mystery to me too….) okay off to sew, cut out, swear at ma while the munchkin is napping….

15 05 2008
jacqueline yeo

wow! so lovely…. heh heh… my update – i’ve stitched and sewn the pattern onto the main felt body, all that is left is for me to stitch it into a bag / cosy of some sort!

15 05 2008

oooh looks fantastic – I love the sound of Anna Y’s slippers too. I have made a start on a little needlebook/wrap thing that I am making, I’m going to stick with the sewing theme and make a pincushion too (maybe just because i really need these items myself right now) Hope these aren’t too boring. I’m doing the designs myself and using a felted thrifted wool scarf in the most beautiful aqua blue. I have posted a WIP photo to flickr…if I can think of any other sewing related things I’ll try to make them too…

15 05 2008

I plan to do my felting this weekend… I have a few ideas but nothing concrete. It will all come together when the water hits the wool… literally :)
Everything in the flickr group so far looks fantastic!

15 05 2008
apple cyder

I think I will be finished with the main work related to my swap item today, but then I’ll take a little time to figure out exactly how I want to embellish it/add color. It is hard for me to keep a secret but I think I am going to try. I hope to finish up by the end of this weekend.

I am loving the FF Swap. You two are excellent organizers. Love the bracelet too!


15 05 2008

all of the above sounds wonderful, such nice items are being made, I have finished and mailed and recieved thank you from Deb for my swap,
believe me, getting done early is not an ordinary thing for me to do, but this is my first swap and I was a little anxious about it, so that probably inspired me to get it done right away. Keep posting pictures guys, I like to visit daily on flickr to see whats happening,
Thanks to all of you for the swap experience.

15 05 2008

I procrastinated–no make that spent time deep in thought–and started with one idea (using an old sweater) which didn’t really move the way I thought it would.

That took me to using some earlier felted material and Project #2 is coming out exactly the way I’d hoped.

Loving the felted beauty!

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