Variations on a Theme

16 05 2008

After figuring out my original wave bottle earlier this week I wanted to make something similar with corn syrup and thought I’d ask Seth if he wanted to help. Not only did he want to help make one for Eleanor but he almost had a breakdown because he wanted to make a wave bottle for himself. Anna had commented on my earlier post about using different oils for different effects so I tried to encourage a variation for Seth’s bottle. Well, this didn’t go over too well. He was more than willing to make other varieties for Eleanor but he wanted a blue wave bottle almost identical to his sister’s as his own. Alrighty then!

So here you have it. The bottle above was made with corn syrup a little food coloring and more of the bug buttons with the shanks cut off. Again I super glued the cap back on to avoid a spill. I left a little air at the top this time though. I’m not so happy with the color as I meant for it to be light green but accidently grabed the red at one point. The bugs do eventually float in the corn syrup but it takes them some time to slowly make their way through the goo. It’s great for little bug races. We spent quite a while turning the bottle over and waiting to see which bug would make it to the top first.

These bottle were made according to the directions in my previous post but with some variation in the ingredients. Seth’s wave bottle was filled to the brim with blue water, vegetable oil with blue glitter and seashells. We also varied the height of the water. Unfortunately, we did have to make this one twice as we found out you must mix your food coloring with the water prior to pouring in the oil or the oil gets rather cloudy. At least we think that’s what did it.

This last bottle was made with orange colored water, olive oil and a few pretty pebbles. That’s it! We filled it right up to the top and glued the cap in place. I love the color combination and the olive oil makes great bubbles when the rocks go through it.

We haven’t given these to Eleanor yet but I can tell you that a neighbors 21 month old liked them so much he tried to steal them. So I have no doubt Eleanor will find them intriguing. If nothing else it was a great project for my almost 4 yr old. He got to play with color mixing and learn about the density of certain liquids. What more could I ask for?




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17 05 2008

those bottles look really cool!, you left a comment on my blog asking to join the toadstool swap, can you let me know if you are still up for joining as i don’t seem to have an email from you yet. just wanted to check before i do the draw for swap partners tomorrow, thanks : )

18 05 2008

We have done this project several times. We have about 10 of these sitting on a bench at our house. I have been saving vitamin water bottles to do it again soon. The combos are endless and it really becomes addicting! And some are flops too. Years ago I think I did some with turpentine. Eek-not one for the kids!

20 05 2008
Anna Y

definately need to make more of these gems up. will agree with food colouring and making the oil cloudy. you also need to be careful that the superglue does not get into the oil either. then it has a really interesting effect…. will try and photograph it (well) to show what i mean.

21 05 2008

oooo…and i forgot to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE E!!

22 05 2008

my kids would love these. i can’t wait to give them a whirl.

30 09 2009

did the olive oil cloud up like the veg. oil?

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