Bandana Dress

19 05 2008

Here’s another birthday present I made for Eleanor. I basically followed the pattern from Daisy Janie except I turned it inside out giving the top a bit of a ruffle. It was my mom’s idea to turn it inside out after I complained about having to fold so much down that it seemed too bulky on the inside. Although this means the side seems are on the outside I think that just adds to the country bumpkin look. I happen to have a denim diaper cover that I think completes the ensemble nicely. The dress is still too big and would be better suited for an 18 month old but it’s fun and didn’t take much effort. I did finally break out the sewing machine in case you were wondering. After hand stitching the sides the kink in my neck told me to just go for it. I can’t believe I held off for so long. Once I remembered how to get the bobbin in it was a snap to make up.




8 responses

20 05 2008
Anna Y

so cute!! red is so eleanor’s colour. she looks really sweet in that number. :D that’s for a link to a really easy outfit. now where can i squeeze in a new outfit for ct???

20 05 2008

What a sweet little dress. Lucky Eleanor! I need to try some kiddo garment sewing.

20 05 2008

Awww, so cute! You did a lovely job, and now that you have the sewing machine out it will be interesting to see what else you make. Oh, and I just now saw the felted hairband – very cool! I wish I looked good with a hairband.

20 05 2008
painted fish studio

very cute! and she can grow into it over the summer…

21 05 2008

Eleanor could not be any cuter!! i love how the dress turned out…and you say with the machine it was a snap to stitch up? i may have to take the plunge too.

22 05 2008

how cute is this! what a fun project!

27 05 2008

Eleanor is adorable and so is the dress on her. She is getting big too fast. I miss her.

2 07 2008
daisy janie

Thanks for the credit! Glad the idea worked out for you!! Your daugher looks adorable!!!!!!!!

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