What I’ve Been Up To

26 05 2008

Still no camera here. We’ve been shopping but it’s a hard choice. The poor little camera has to wear so many hats. I want it to document our life, satiate my amateur photographer dabbling and provide the husband with a decent camera to photograph the timber frame homes he designs. I think we’re down to a couple models and will have our minds made up by the end of the week. Here’s a little run down on what else I’ve been up to:

  • Clearing and planting our herb and vegetable garden. All I can say is never, ever plant garlic chives!!! Regular chives – fine. Garlic chives – NO way. They are beyond invasive and difficult to eradicate.
  • Making a color wheel with frosting as suggested on Pepper Paints. Seth’s a little too young for literally mixing the colors as he didn’t quite understand how to get it to mix up. But boy, oh boy did he like watching to see what color emerged. Great tool for teaching color mixing!
  • Flower printing on a t-shirt for Eleanor. I can’t wait to show you my results here. Way fun. Seth even voluntarily walked away from the tv to watch me pound away on a flowers with a hammer. He couldn’t be persuaded to take a whack himself. Maybe if I found a smaller hammer for him? You can see the sort of thing I’m talking about on Spring Thinking (with flowers) or Painted Fish Studio (with ferns!!). I’m dying to make a shirt for myself now but I’m making myself wait until I’ve washed Eleanor’s a couple times to see how well it sets.
  • Still knitting away on my Functional Felt Swap piece. Only a couple days to go. Well actually I can’t really say “knitting away” as it’s more like a few minutes here and a few minutes there. I’m starting to worry that I may not be able to mail it out right on time. I’ll be close though.
  • Lastly, I signed up for the Toadstool Swap. Not sure what my thinking was here. I don’t really need a toadstool softie. But it IS cute and I since I’m trying to re-jump start my sewing skills I thought it might be fun. Theoretically I wasn’t going to buy any new materials for it but I’ve gotta say I’m being lured by the Japanese fabric selection at the new and improved Crafty Planet. (Really it’s just an excuse to see their new digs.)



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27 05 2008
Anna Y

wow you have been busy. :D can’t wait to see the flower shirt and checked out jen’s fern shirt. hmmm now all i need to do is sneak out really late tonight find a few flowers and go snip snip with the kitchen scissors…. oh that also reminds me while i am appropriating things from around the complex, i also need a cup of sand from the sad excuse for a sand pit here (thank you for the wave bottle idea…) i am just as bad with buying fabrics (it is highly addictive…) seeing we are both in the same swap, i can’t wait to see what kind of ‘shroom you make….

27 05 2008

You’ve been busy! How did your shirt come out? I want to try this again with ferns. Ohh ferns on a t-shirt. Thanks for the link.

27 05 2008
painted fish studio

omg, my garlic chives went nuts this spring, too! they are EVERYWHERE! they weren’t that bad last spring, but being that i neglected my garden last fall, the seeds were probably everywhere. i managed to get all of my planting done this weekend, with the exception of my herb garden. i am not looking forward to cleaning the chives out.

i have ferns popping up, and i’m itching to do some fern printing! it may be a bit too early for it, but i can picture a nice canvas grocery bag with some prints…

27 05 2008

I love the printing idea -and it looks so easy (she says hopefully…).
That might be a good birthday party project…

27 05 2008

I’ve been battling the pesky violets that went crazy in my flower beds. Fern printing – brilliant! And your husband designs timber frame houses – in my dream world I have a timber framed straw bale house!

28 05 2008

I also signed up for the toadstool swap. (I blame smoothpebble!) And now I am thinking the same thing–what the heck do I need a toadstool for? I guess I saw it as a really manageable swap project.

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