What a Sweety!

29 05 2008

I just have to show off this package I just got in the mail from Ayama-chan! I had won these cute little earrings in a giveaway of hers. Incidentally, they are incredibly difficult to photograph. The best part? She included a hand made minky ball for Eleanor’s first birthday. She’s so thoughtful, picking up not only on Eleanor’s birthday but on my mention that I lack yellow in anything other that plastic in my house. Eleanor has played with it quite a bit already. It’s squishy enough for her to grab and there’s a bell inside for when she tosses it.

Speaking of Eleanor’s birthday. I have a feeling these videos (which I’ve mentioned before) have caused a few musical birthday presents to appear from the Aunts. Thank you Aunts, she loves them.



5 responses

30 05 2008
painted fish studio

miss ayama-chan is so talented and thoughtful! i love the earrings!

30 05 2008

hi there , im your swap partner for the toadstool swap :)
Im really looking forward to the swap and seeing all the toadstools !!
Off to checkout more of your blog !!
Sara x

30 05 2008

Love the earrings and the ball. It’s been fun meeting Anna through the FF Swap!

30 05 2008
Anna Y

so happy that the ball has arrived. it was a heart wrenching wrestle to wrangle after i road tested the bell. while ct is patiently waiting for her promised ball, she is content to love the minkey scraps to non-existance (man does that stuff shread more than a persian).

1 06 2008

Hi there , your toadstool swap partner here again ! I just wondered what your fave colour was ?

Sara x

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