The Game

3 06 2008

For my day job I work for a bank. I try not to let my day job and my blog life intermix but I have to admit that the banker in me is very skeptical of The Game. For those of you that have or are thinking about participating in The Game on Flickr I’d like to send you a word of caution. For those of you that don’t know, The Game is a series of questions from which you use answers to create a nifty mosaic. It’s really quite fun and I started making one myself when it dawned on me that many of these questions are security questions that you can set up on your credit cards or online bank accounts. The answers are also often what people choose to use as passwords. It doesn’t go so far as to ask for your mother’s maiden name but still, it creates of lovely searchable database for someone interested in identity theft. You may still be able to find the answers to many of these questions by digging through my blog but to tie them up in a nice little package may not be a good idea. You be the judge. Think about your answers to those questions. Are any of them your passwords or questions you’ve set up on your credit card or bank accounts? If not, go for it. If so…




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3 06 2008

I hadn’t thought about that, but your caution is worth considering. Since starting a blog and flickr I’ve often caught myself wondering how wise it is to share my personal information. Even a lot of these swaps we end up sharing addresses etc. Anyway, I was going to play the game, but first I’ll be thinking about making my answers more general.

3 06 2008

good point. I have been resisting doing this one…for some reason I wasn’t sure of. I think it was the high school question that started my unease.
Now that you write it out like this I think this is exactly what stopped me from doing it. That, and the fact that I couldn’t possibly pick just one answer -I’m so bad at choosing!

3 06 2008

Oh, Anna, thanks for writing this. I simply don’t have the time right now to play along with that game, but you are really doing people a service by posting this. If I can get my act together soon, I may refer to your post on my blog if that is OK. (Not sure I will get said act together.) And certainly if I am cruising the internet and find another blogger participating, I will comment about it.

3 06 2008

Yikes, thanks for the info. I already did one and so then I reviewed it today with your points in mind. I removed my narration of my answers on my blog, so if someone was looking for my info, they would at least have to do some work. I also took the tag of ‘mygame’ off on Flickr.
In addition, I see that 2 people have viewed my mosaic,…. so I sure do hope they are friends.
Thanks for the warning, much appreciated as we blog along.

3 06 2008

Yep..I started this “game” too and then felt a wee bit queasy about it…ditching it before finishing. Your gut instinct is very valid and I’m happy to know I wasn’t just being neurotic. :)

6 06 2008
Jen C.

Interesting thought; I’d never even considered it, just jumped in to the mosaic because I can’t resist questionnaires. Now I’ll definitely look over my notes and adjust if they breach any security issues! Thanks for the post, smart thinking!

19 06 2008
Jen b

wow! none of that even crossed my mind. i didn’t play the game because as others stated it made me uneasy for some reason. good validation, thanks anna.

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