Looky Looky Looky!

7 06 2008

Look what I got! Yeah!!!! Beth over at Felting in Fibrespace sent me this absolutely fabulous little sewing kit for the Functional Felt Swap!!! Obviously, Beth did her homework and knew that I am trying to re-kick start my sewing habit. And what inspiration she’s given me. There’s an octopus pin cushion, a fish holder for a cloth tape measure and a needle case with a fish on one side and a crab button on the other. You can see WAY better pictures of the items on Beth’s post by clicking here. She included the tape measure and a couple needles and pins so it’s all ready to go. She even wrapped it all up very prettily with great attention to details – fancy star tape on the bubble wrap (which promptly decorated twigs in the yard, transforming them into magic wands) and a lovely box with a fish scene added to the inside lid! How fun is that?

I realize I’m using entirely too many exclamation points here but I really am that excited. She did a great job and I will really enjoy using them. My only worry is that I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to do battle with my son for the octopus pincushion.

I hope you all realize that Seth did the needles in the eye bit, not me.

Please take some time and check out Beth’s Fibrespace website. There you’ll find links to her etsy shops for both handmade items as well as felting supplies. I only wish I was even remotely near North Yorkshire so I could take one of her classes. That would be dreamy.

Thank you so much Beth!!! Now I’m all set to get started on my toadstool swap project!




4 responses

8 06 2008

I’m so glad you like it, I find swaps a bit nerve wracking. Love the pins in the eye! Thank you for your kind words, Beth

9 06 2008
Anna Y

Wow, that is amazing. Blast, that evil Beatles song has invaded again….

9 06 2008
painted fish studio

i just love your package! beth’s work is amazing!

10 06 2008

That was such a great swap item. Lucky you.

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